Gain a head start: benefit from our expertise

Optimise processes with foresight, secure sustainable success

Optimise business models: use the full potential

Open up new markets, develop proven concepts further

Analyse sales channels: find out what your customers think

Understand channel partners, optimise business processes

Predictive business optimisation

Gain the decisive edge to make your company, NPO or foundation more successful. united consultancy advises and supports you in sharpening your business model and aligning it for sustainable growth. We develop flexible strategies for go-to-market, change management and digitisation – supported by consultants who have all worked in responsible international positions in commerce or industry.

Three service offers

Sustainable strategies for sales and marketing, branding and communication

Whether you focus on the healthcare or gaming market in Germany, vegan target groups or the much-cited industry 4.0, united consultancy advises you on clean brand positioning as well as the targeted sales and communication strategy. If you wish, we can also be your competent partner for the concrete implementation, including the development of scalable structures for value-based, sustainable corporate growth. Challenge our expertise in order to successfully master the challenges of the market together with united consultancy.

Business development for start-ups and SMEs

We support companies in the fields of ICT/CE, healthcare, youth/education as well as with plant-based/vegan orientation to make them more successful in the long run and to make start-ups and their business ideas a reality. Benefit from the market knowledge and industry expertise that our consultants have gained in leading positions in international companies and hundreds of projects, as well as from their countless good contacts. And if you can convince us of your concept, we are not averse to taking on entrepreneurial risk.

Consultancy and support for established and newly-formed foundations

Foundations provide important corrective impulses, since they show that societal alternatives are possible. The sustainability strategy adopted by the German Federal Government relies on more and more companies assuming social responsibility and showing commitment to their natural and social environment. If you want to set up a foundation or give your existing foundation a new boost, we will be happy to advise and support you in the development and implementation of tailor-made brand and communication strategies, in the search for potential project partners, decision-makers in politics and business, as well as sponsors and supporters.

Expertise in three sectors

ICT/CE/Digital transformation

  • Digital transformation is changing all of our lives as rapidly and fundamentally as few technological upheavals have done before...

  • Digital transformation is changing all of our lives as rapidly and fundamentally as few technological upheavals have done before. But today we are only at the beginning of this development. Many people are fascinated by the first digitisation solutions and the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence, but many others are also afraid of the profound social and professional changes that lie ahead.

    Our agency has been digitally driven since its founding in 1995 and has always seen itself as a pioneer of digital transformation. Through our international orientation and our work for world-leading technology companies, we experienced very early and repeatedly how strongly and rapidly even established markets are disrupted overnight. But we have also always winessed how a multitude of new options open up for all those who do not resist change but actively participate in shaping such processes.

    united consultancy accompanies the management and workforce of companies on the promising path of digital transformation. Our team of ICT, CE and digitisation experts has many years of experience in national and international markets, also on the corporate side. With creative strategies and efficient implementation, united consultancy and united communications support companies and organisations in successfully mastering the challenges of digital transformation.


  • We are currently witnessing an ever more rapidly progressing change in our healthcare system...

  • We are currently witnessing an ever more rapidly progressing change in our healthcare system. Applications that make use of artificial intelligence make diagnoses, algorithms support doctors in their decision-making, and all our health-relevant data is stored on smartphones. Admittedly, in Germany this still sounds like science fiction, but here too the players in the healthcare industry are increasingly examining the opportunities and challenges of digitisation.

    Despite all the discussion about the benefits, safety and possible disadvantages, one thing is already clear today: the future of medicine is digital. Patients want to finally be able to use the advantages of digital applications in medicine as well - not least because industry and thousands of start-ups worldwide present more or less serious new services and solutions every day. Against this background, politicians, health insurance companies, doctors and clinics would be well advised to agree on innovation-promoting framework conditions so that patients in Germany can also benefit from the advantages of new digital developments in medicine.

    united consultancy accompanies companies on this exciting path. Our team of health, communications and brand experts has many years of experience – also on the corporate side – in the national and international healthcare sector. This is why we are not only aware of the sensitivities of the various players, but also of the permanent struggle between creativity and pragmatism as well as innovation, tradition and responsibility.

Youth, politics and education

  • Innovative educational work makes young people strong: it supports and encourages them in their development into...

  • Innovative educational work makes young people strong: it supports and encourages them in their development into self-determined and responsible actors, encourages them to assume responsibility in society and to stand up for their interests. But no matter whether it is about political, health, ecological or social issues - the art is to address young people in such a way that they do not feel "instructed" and immediately "close down" again.

    Sensitising young people to educational issues can only succeed if communication channels are utilised that fit in with the world of young people and if they are given the ooportunity to participate actively. Social media play a central role here. According to the children and youth study conducted by the digital association BITKOM in 2017, more than a third of 6-7 year olds already use a smartphone, and Internet consumption tripled in the years 2014 to 2017 alone. At a very young age, children and adolescents communicate via Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and the like, exchange ideas in TikTok communities, YouTube chats and many other smartphone apps - most of them can no longer imagine life without social networks.

    Talk to us if you want to (further) develop programmes and projects for young people and/or make them better known. We support you in developing creative concepts with which your organisation succeeds in motivating young people to more social, ecological and/or political commitment at school, during their education or in their leisure time. We are also happy to develop new models of approach in order to win over those responsible in politics and education, business and society, environment and health for a sustainable dialogue with young people.

Three of our own developments that improve your performance

Understand channel partners, optimise business processes


Turn feedback received from trade partners and other stakeholders into strategy

And gain planning security in sales, marketing, operations and human resource management.

Strengthen your market position with united channel insights

Sales figures, market research, market trends: a wealth of data at your fingertips but nothing that can be effectively translated into a successful strategy that increases the satisfaction of your channel partners or will provide you with a clear overview of how they perceive you or your competitors.united channel insights is a market research method that analyses your distribution channels so precisely that it becomes very clear what you need to change in sales, marketing, services or other areas to improve your position.

Find more information on our website >>>

increase sales performance


We can do B2B + channel faster and therefore more successfully

Tailor-made campaigns for sales and communication in the ICT and CE areas


united consultancy united communications supports your sales teams with demonstrably successful brand communication - and if desired, also in establishing and expanding your distribution channels as well as tailor-made channel communication.

For this purpose, the agency has developed its cmooth offer. The term cmooth [smu:ð] was coined specifically to underline the smooth working of the external channel management service. It comprises strategic sales consultation and the acquisition of and assistance for trading partners as well as lead management in the industrial end-customer sector and the personal support for sales teams (including interim management) plus training for sales specialists.

cmooth guarantees the perfect harmonisation of all sales support measures and their tight integration with the sales communication. So you can sustainably strengthen the presence of your brand(s) in the trade and grow more efficiently than you could using your own resources. cmooth was developed together with sales expert Stefan Schramm, who has already solved sales tasks for LG, Toshiba, BenQ, Bintec-Elmeg and Nielsen Media Research.

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Success monitoring of international PR work


Cloud-based performance analysis of international PR work

We offer our internationally operating clients fast, cost- and resource-efficient analysis and success monitoring of KPI targets for Europe-wide or global PR work in real time – for each country, all regions, per month, quarter and year.

KPI reporting and analysis tool, developed by united communications

Your advantages:

  • Automatically aggregated monthly analysis (in operation for over two years in up to 25 regions/34 countries)
  • Role-based access rights for agencies, lead agency and client
  • On-going yearly report with automatic KPI comparison of all countries and months, clearly presented and automatically updated in real time.
  • 24/7 monitoring and analyses according to years, months, regions and KPIs serve as a means to monitor success, determine quality and plan the budget.

Our values and principles

  • We analyse and optimise business processes.
  • Our goal is to contribute to the sustainable economic success of our customers through our consulting services.
  • Through our commitment, we want to support responsible corporate management.
  • We work transparently, advise independently and maintain a trusting relationship with our customers, employees, service providers and other stakeholders.
  • Our value compass is based on the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

  • For us, consulting is only successful when the set goals are actually achieved. If desired, we and the united communications team can translate the strategy recommendations into concrete measures.